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  • Episode 14 Rise of the Phoenix

    In this episode I talk about a trip to Phoenix airfield, and my new contract. History is about the first Scott Expedition and some really good questions at the end.

  • Episode 13 Christmas in July

    Welcome back everyone. This episode I talk about the 4th of July Parade and picnic. I also cover the good and bad of plane arrival. WE GOT MAIL!I continue history […]

  • Episode 12 Baby It’s cold outside

    On this episode I talk about the cold, working outside in con2 and Mid Winter dinner.No history this week. I will do more next episode.I also answer some listener questions.

  • Episode 11 The Big Red One

    This episode I talk about clothing and extreme cold weather gear.On history I go over the 1897 Belgian expedition.?I also received a few good questions for this show.

  • Episode 10 Water Crisis

    On this episode I talk about our water shortage on station and the seating arrangements in the galley. On the history portion I cover the Heroic Age of Exploration.

  • Episode 9 NASA and Isolation

    Thursday May 16.  Day 121 on ice. This episode I talk about my trip to the NASA part of the station and how it feels to be totally isolated from the world for a few days. On the history segment I cover the late 19th century and the seal industry.

  • Episode 8 Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon

    This episode I announce our new biweekly schedule and a new history segment.  I also talk about the onset of the long night.  Then I answer a couple listener questions. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcas

  • Episode 7: A story of wind and electricity

    This week I talk about an issue that came up at home.  Then I cover a little about dangers of old equipment and the wind. I finish out the regular segment with a little about personality traits here. We end the show with a couple of questions.  

  • Episode 6 Black Holes and Planes

    This week I talk about how the South Pole Telescope helped image a black hole and talk about plane troubles here on the ice. No questions this week.   If you want your questions answered on the show contact me at one of these links. Twitter Facebook

  • Episode 5 Flat Earth and Frustrations

    This week is the first episode in real time.  I talk about some frustrations about living here and the news about the flat earth cruise.  I also answer listener questions about spoilers and auroras. Follow me Twitter Facebook YouTube  Webs