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  • Episode 16 Con 1 and Winter’s end

    On this episode I talk about my first week as foreman. I also talk about the pinewood derby and a concert. We had some karaoke this week and it went […]

  • Episode 15 Derby and Films

    This episode I welcome the sunlight and talk about fun and work events of the last few weeks.I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. Hopefully now I […]

  • Episode 14 Rise of the Phoenix

    In this episode I talk about a trip to Phoenix airfield, and my new contract. History is about the first Scott Expedition and some really good questions at the end.

  • Episode 13 Christmas in July

    Welcome back everyone. This episode I talk about the 4th of July Parade and picnic. I also cover the good and bad of plane arrival. WE GOT MAIL!I continue history […]

  • Episode 12 Baby It’s cold outside

    On this episode I talk about the cold, working outside in con2 and Mid Winter dinner.No history this week. I will do more next episode.I also answer some listener questions.

  • Episode 11 The Big Red One

    This episode I talk about clothing and extreme cold weather gear.On history I go over the 1897 Belgian expedition.?I also received a few good questions for this show.

  • Episode 10 Water Crisis

    On this episode I talk about our water shortage on station and the seating arrangements in the galley. On the history portion I cover the Heroic Age of Exploration.

  • Episode 9 NASA and Isolation

    Thursday May 16.  Day 121 on ice. This episode I talk about my trip to the NASA part of the station and how it feels to be totally isolated from the world for a few days. On the history segment I cover the late 19th century and the seal industry.

  • Episode 8 Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon

    This episode I announce our new biweekly schedule and a new history segment.  I also talk about the onset of the long night.  Then I answer a couple listener questions. --- This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcas

  • Episode 7: A story of wind and electricity

    This week I talk about an issue that came up at home.  Then I cover a little about dangers of old equipment and the wind. I finish out the regular segment with a little about personality traits here. We end the show with a couple of questions.