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  • Episode 6 Black Holes and Planes

    This week I talk about how the South Pole Telescope helped image a black hole and talk about plane troubles here on the ice. No questions this week.   If you want your questions answered on the show contact me at one of these links. Twitter Facebook

  • Episode 5 Flat Earth and Frustrations

    This week is the first episode in real time.  I talk about some frustrations about living here and the news about the flat earth cruise.  I also answer listener questions about spoilers and auroras. Follow me Twitter Facebook YouTube  Webs

  • Episode 4 Welcome winter and it’s cold out there

    This episode gets everyone caught up to the end of March.  Winter rules are in effect, and it gets cold. One of the questions was about jobs.  You can find them at this link  You ca

  • Episode 3 Having fun at Willie Field

    On this episode I cover a little about weather conditions and my experience out at the airfield along with answering a couple of questions. You can ask a question via voicemail on the Anchor App.  You can also send me an email podcast@sparkyonice.xy

  • Episode 2 Getting settled in and learning the ropes

    This episode covers about the first month on the ice.  I talk about food, having to change rooms, Scott Hut,  and other issues that came up during that time frame. I also answer a few listener questions.  You can submit a question by voice

  • Episode 1 The beginning of my trip to the end

    Welcome to the first episode of Sparky on Ice, the coldest podcast on the internet. This being the first episode, I thought it would be a good idea to go back in time and talk about how I got here and the trip. Starting with the next episode I will be an